Age: 5 months old     
Weight: 28 lbs
Vet Record:  100% vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, female

Meet Sherry! She is a loving and very unique looking pooch. Sherry is very smart, she stayed in a foster home for some time and surprised everyone by never having an accident.  In the foster home, she spent lots of time gently playing with kids and enjoys their company. 

Sherry is super friendly and affectionate. She wants to be around people and can't wait for her forever family. She loves to cuddle up on someone's lap to get pets.

Sherry is active but not hyper. She will enjoy daily walks and weekend hikes. When she is fully grown we expect Sherry to be a large dog.

Sherry is an all-around awesome puppy! Put in your application today, Sherry will bring lots of fun and love to your family!

Updated September 2017

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