Age: 10 months old Located in a foster home in NJ
Weight: 38 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, female

Say hello to sweet Sadie girl! She is a very gentle pup who loves children of all ages. Sadie thrives in the company of other lively dogs who like to play and join her on leash walks and romps in her fenced yard.

Sadie dreams of a loving family that will spend time with her and understand that this new life makes her a bit shy at first. Sadie is house-trained and well behaved indoors and out. She enjoys playing with toys, which is a very fun time in a puppy’s life!

If you are ready to teach her all the joys of “fetch” and “hide and seek” and the many other games ahead, then put in your application today for this darling baby Sadie! She will surely grow into a wonderful companion for you and your family. Fill out our adoption application today and we connect you with the foster family.