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Marigold and her 7 puppies 

This mama and her seven puppies are living at a construction run by our friends at ALK Construction. They found this family living underneath a shed and called us for help. Our shelter is full to capacity so we couldn't take them in but we set up a temporary shelter at the site where the workers keep an eye on them during the day and our shelter director Vlada comes to feed them in the evening after work.  As soon as we find space and the family is dewormed and vaccinated, they'll join the other dogs at the shelter. Check it here how they were found. 

Mom - Marigold


Girl #1 - Isa

Girl #2 - Kyle

Girl #3- Lizzie

Girl #4 - Denali

Boy #1 - Kodiak

Boy #2  - Oreo

Boy #3  - Butterscotch