July 21 Rescue: We'll Take One More.. 

We have been seeing Charlie (the black and white dog) around Sochi for several weeks. We haven't been able to track him down until yesterday when we were told he had taken up residence at a local park. The park is famous with dog exterminators so we had to act fast if we were to rescue him. 

We (Vlada and her friend Anya) drove out to the park and there he was. We put a lasso leash on him, but just as they were about to grab him another dog came out of the bushes, and started biting our leash. She didn't want Charlie to go, so of course we couldn't leave her.  

Getting two dogs in the car with only one leash was going to be a challenge. We lassoed them one by one, put them in the car, but just as we had one, the other one jumped out. At one point they both got out and ran away again! 


They almost ran into the street but we managed to get them before they could get him. Just when we thought we were done,  we saw two little puppies, a dark one and a light brown one, on the side of the road. We couldn't leave them either, so our rescue operation doubled once again. 

The light brown one would not let us get close enough to her. We were able to take the darker one and after a long day return to the shelter with three more dogs that won't be living their lives on the street and be the victims of poison or dog hunters. We will try to find the light colored puppy again and see if she'll let us take her in. Here is a look at these newest residents on their first afternoon at the shelter.