Age: 1 year old      
Weight: 40 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and spayed
Breed: terrier/lab mix

Rebecca is fun and happy!  She is super sweet, loving, smart and curious. Rebecca is an easy going gal with lots of personality.
She gets along great with all the dogs at the shelter, loves to be around people and very good with kids.  Rebecca enjoys car rides and she can walk on a leash.  Rebecca is always ready. Whether you want to play, teach her new tricks, or cuddle up under a blanket, Rebecca will be there. She is active but not hyper. Rebecca will be very loyal to her family—she will be the perfect playmate for your dog,  great babysitter for your kids and the perfect buddy for you! 

*Great with kids      * Good with dogs      *Super friendly and social

 You can find her rescue story here

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