Age: ~2 years old     Located in a foster home in NJ
Weight: 16 lbs
Vet Record:  100% vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, male

Ponchik is a fun little guy! He loves to go on walks, play with other dogs, and cuddle up next to his people. 

Ponchik loves people and greets everyone who comes to the house with enthusiasm! He also loves to romp around with other dogs, both big and small. 

Ponchik is full of tricks and surprises! He will dance on his hind paws for treats. When he sees someone pulls out a leash he will sit down await patiently to go for a walk.  And Ponchik is house-trained.

Ponchik is just a joy and we are looking for a very special family to adopt him. Ponchik needs to be in a home where he is an equal member of the family and he can join in on all the fun! 

Ponchik is located in a foster home in NJ and looking for his forever family. Fill out an adoption application today!

Updated April 2018

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