Age: 10 years old
Weight: 50 lbs
Vet Record:  female

Hello! You won't believe my luck. 

Since I was a puppy I was tied up on a chain not too far away from the Sochi Dogs shelter. While I sat all by myself I could hear some of the shelter dogs barking in the distance and occasionally a car would drive by carrying a couple of the dogs. I'd try to wave but I don't think they ever saw me.

One day the lady driving the car noticed me and brought me some treats, gave me some pets and said she would come back to rescue me. I kept waiting and waiting. She came back many times but the people who tied me up said she couldn't take me.

After two years of trying, we had completely lost all hope but it was nice to see her every time she came by. Then one day she came by, early in the evening and I was lying down wagging my tail like I always did. She said hello and went inside. For some reason, she was there a bit longer than usual and when she came back the people who tied me up came out too and cut off my chain.

Honestly, I don't remember all the details, he said something about me being too old but then I just started jumping and licking the lady's face. I was so so happy! She said, "come on, Polina." and I hopped in the car and sat right where I saw all those dogs sitting before. We turned around and sped right back up the hill to the shelter. I just can't believe how lucky I got. Now I get to run around with all the other dogs, join in the barking, eat lots of great food, and of course get lots of love from the lady who rescued me. I couldn't be happier here at the shelter. 

Please consider sponsoring my stay so that I can stay here forever and ever!