Age: 6 months old     
Weight: 18 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and spayed, female

With a husky coat, corgi ears, a dachshund body and a jack-russle personality Peach might just be the coolest dog we've ever met! Peach is good with other dogs and loves kids.  Peach is very active and she likes to be at the center of the action!  She will be a great addition to an active family looking for a small dog.
Peach is ready for adoption.  Fill out an adoption application and let the fun begin! 

Peach was found along with her 6 siblings under an abandoned building. The puppies were so small that they could not be taken to the shelter. A wonderful family took them home, nursed them and found homes for 5 of the siblings. Peach is still with the foster family in Sochi and looking for a forever home. 

Updated October 2017


April 2017, when rescuered

June 2017