Age: 5 months old
Weight: 10 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and spayed. 
Breed: marvelous  mutt

Nuka is a very friendly and funny puppy who will grow up to be a small goofy pooch. She loves to play, run around, and cuddle up with our volunteers. Nuka will be a perfect companion to a loving family! If you think Nuka is right for you, fill out an adoption application today, she is ready to meet her forever family! 

Nuka, her mom, dad and 3 sisters were found near the shelter. We assume the mom + dad we’re pets that we’re not spayed. Once they had puppies they got tossed out into the woods outside the shelter.  That is why Sochi Dogs has started an education campaign in Sochi explaining importance of spaying/neutering. In the coming months we’ll be launching another PSA campaign to prevent more cases like this one.

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