Welcome to the Sochi Dogs Shelter!

Thanks to the generosity of a local construction company and your support we have a beautiful new shelter for our dogs! 

Located in a rural setting just outside of Sochi, our shelter is home to 50-60 dogs. At the shelter our priority is to provide dogs with a healthy temporary home where they are socialized, fed a nutritious diet, receive ample exercise, all the necessary veterinary care until they are adopted by their forever families. 

Our residents live in runs with two to three dogs living communally so that they learn to get along with all kinds of other dogs.  During the day the shelter's caretaker Masha lets the dogs out into a big field where they can play and get plenty of exercise to stay in shape. 

Puppies live in a special area where they can get extra attention so they are well socialized with people.

Masha permanently lives at the shelter with her two-year old son Platon. Platon interacts with all of the dogs so that when they are adopted they are always great with little kids. 

Our dogs are fed a nutritious homemade stew consisting of chicken, grains, vegetables and vitamins. 

We always have a veterinarian on call, who visits the shelter bi-weekly and in case of an emergency dogs are driven to a clinic in Sochi. 

We are thrilled we can provide our residents with these wonderful living conditions so their transition to their forever homes is as smooth as possible.