Age: ~ 2 year old      
Weight: 13 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and neutered

Meet Misha, a super friendly and loving little man with a beautiful smile. Misha loves people and wants to be a friend with everyone he meets. He is moderately active, good on a leash and loves car rides. When Misha just joined the shelter, he stayed in the quarantine area and his area was always clean, so we presume that Misha will be a house trained from day one. Misha is the perfect size for an apartment and he will do well in the city.

We are sure Misha will be a great companion and amazing family member! Put in your application today, Misha is ready to join you!

Misha was abandoned in the hall of the apartment building. He lived there for sometime; some people gave him food and others people complained. We're asked to take him to the shelter otherwise he could have been poisoned.

Updated October 2017