Age: 6 months old     Mac is in the foster home in NJ
Weight: 28 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and neutered
Breed: German Shepherd mix, male  

Mac is fun, friendly, and fearless! He has lots of personality! Mac is looking for a loving, active home where he can balance his desire to run and play with a steady routine. He will grow up to be a smart, strong, loving, large dog. Are you looking for cheerful friend?  Consider Mac.  

Mac and his siblings were found in the middle of July. You can find their rescue story here. These puppies like so many in Sochi were most likely born to a house pet that had not been spayed. They were unwanted and thrown out on the street. Sochi Dogs has started an education campaign explaining importance of spaying/neutering and will continue the effort to spread the word about this important topic. 

December 2016