Age: 8 months old      
Weight: 30 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and neutered
Breed: German Shepherd/Lab mix, male  

Louie gets very excited when he sees people. He loves to be petted and he tries to hold your hand so you don't leave. Louie is playful and gentle, there is not an ounce of aggression in him. He is great with other dogs and super friendly. When he is fully grown we expect Louie to be a large dog. Fill out an adoption application, Louie will bring lots of joy to your family.

Louie and his brother Mitch were found in mid-April at a bus stop. These puppies most likely were born to a house pet that had not been spayed. They were unwanted and thrown out on the street. Sochi Dogs has started an education campaign explaining importance of spaying/neutering and will continue the effort to spread the word about this important topic. 

*Easy to Train        *Friendly and social          *Great family member

Updated June 2017


April 2017, when found