Age: 6 months old
Weight: 33 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and neutered. 
Breed: Lab/Hound mix 

Meet Kyle: He loves kids, dogs, toys, and treats; and we're positive you'll fall in love with him too! At 6 months and 33 lb., Kyle is a Lab/Hound mix with a heart of gold. He is smart, gentle, loving and enjoys being around people. 
Kyle is an easy dog to train. He knows basic command and he is house-trained.  Kyle loves to play with a ball and bring it back! Kyle is great on a leash, loves car rides and feels very comfortable in a city environment. His beautiful eyes and unique markings make him a dog like no other!

We are sure Kyle will be a perfect family companion!

Kyle is in a foster home in Morristown NJ. His foster family says: "He's just the best! so sweet, smart, and friendly."
Put in your application today! Kyle is ready to meet YOU!

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