Age: 4.5 months old     
Weight: 19 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and spayed, female.

Meet Kiwi! Kiwi is a happy, social and playful little girl with a beautiful unique coat. Kiwi is great with dogs, loves kids and is modernity active. When she is fully grown we expect Kiwi to be a medium size dog. Kiwi is ready for adoption. 

Kiwi was found along with her 6 siblings under an abandoned building. The puppies were so small that they could not be taken to the shelter. A wonderful family took them home, nursed them and found homes for 4 of the siblings. Kiwi and her sister Peach are still with the foster family in Sochi and looking for a forever home. 

Updated August 2017


June 2017

April 2017, when rescued