At Sochi Dogs we have more than 50 dogs in our care and they sure keep us busy! Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of what we do each month. 

Adult Dogs: 

We feed our dogs a diet of homemade food because it provides the most nutrition for the least amount of cost. 

Each month we purchase:

            300 kg of meat
            100 kg of carrots
            4-6 bags of oats (30 kg per bag) 
            4 bags of rice (25 kg per bag)

Every month each dog receives a flea/tick preventative, de-worming medication and extra vitamins as needed. 


Our puppies are fed a special diet of Royal Canine Starter. Depending on the month we purchase about 50 kg. 

Puppies require lots of puppy pads for their runs. Incoming puppies receive a special medication to boost their immunity before they are administered vaccinations. 

Incoming Dogs: 

Each dog at the shelter is vaccinated, spayed/neutered and examined by our vet. 


Our shelter uses well water and gas is relatively inexpensive but electricity is a huge expense for us. 


A veterinarian comes to the shelter monthly or bi-weekly to check on all of the dogs. Besides our regular expenditures we always have a funds set aside for emergency veterinary care to help us save dogs like Linda

Remember Sochi Dogs is run entirely on donations from individuals like YOU!  
100% of the money donated goes to taking care for all of our pooches.

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