Adopted, Abused and Back:

We adopted him to a family in Sochi. Then a couple weeks ago we asked to come in for a home visit, the family kept putting it off. We finally drove out ourselves and found Tiger malnourished, missing fur and some baby teeth. 
He is in our foster home now, we are making sure he has all the vet care he needs and once Tiger is healthy again we'll be looking to find the home that he deserves.
Please donate to contribute to Tiger's care and ticket home.

When found

After "adoption"

IN foster home


IN foster home




A note from Nick:

My name is Nick. I was rescued right before the Olympics, so, I guess, you can call me a true survivor. Some of you have worked very hard to donate to my fund raising campaign. I want to thank you so much. 
The second step to get me into a warm house is to adopt me. Do you want a wonderful German Shepherd mix, who is about 2 years old, or if you know of anyone who would want me, please contact Sochi Dogs. 
I know you cant resist a good deal for a handsome gent like me! I am just so grateful to you!  Read more about Nick here.  

Kat arrived in Scotland:

Molly and Kat

This month we sent our very first dog to Scotland. The UK is one of the hardest countries to brings dogs into but Kat flew in without any problems. "When they opened the carrier she pranced straight out to the front door then turned and came over to say hello me," her new owner tells us, "She is really really sweet!" 

Just a week earlier Kat's sister Sochi arrived in Washington DC. Her new family is impressed with just how smart she is. "She copies our other dogs on what and what not to do. She has not had one accident in the house, is not food aggressive, listens, and even learned to ring the bell when she has to go potty." 


SochiDogs is the first ever volunteer run animal shelter in the Sochi region.

We believe every dog deserves a home, and no animal should be left to suffer.

We are working to reduce the stray population by finding homes for stray dogs, educating individuals about responsible care and turning adoption into a lasting trend. Read more...

Home for the Holidays:

For the first time this year nearly 30 Extraordinary strays from Sochi are home for the holidays! See photos of them in their homes and read what their owners have to say. Check out the book here.

Want to make someone happy and help an animal in need at the same time? 

You can do both. Simply purchase these gorgeous baby hats. They will be donated by the designer, pattern has not been published. Made out of soft acrylic yarn - these hats would look fabulous in a photo shoot. The hats were custom crocheted for babies from young infant to 18 months. 

$25.00 each plus shipping - all proceeds will go to Sochi Dogs. Please let Sochi Dogs know your address and the donor will calculate the shipping expense for you. 
Thank you for helping the animals!