Foster a Sochi Dog

At Sochi Dogs we run a shelter for more than 50 dogs and we are always looking for foster homes within driving distance of New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Every dog from our shelter that we place into a foster or permanent home, frees up space for another dog on the street and our need for space at the shelter is extremely high right now. 

Fostering for Sochi Dogs is easy and incredibly rewarding! 

We ask a few things from our foster families: 

 - Willingness, ability and patience to train the dog as it adjusts to its new environment. 
 - A minimum commitment of two weeks. 
 - Unlimited amount of love (and treats!) 

And we guarantee a few things in return: 

- Adoption priority. 
- Coverage of all veterinary expenses. 
- Thorough screening of all potential adopters. 
- A very grateful dog!  

Fostering is one of the best gifts you can give a shelter dog!  If you think you might have a temporary spot for one of our pooches, please fill out an application below.