Foster a Sochi Dog

Why Foster?

With just some love, attention, and basic training YOU can help a shelter dog find a home! It is the absolutely BEST GIFT you can give a dog!

It’s a win-win for everyone — foster dogs are more likely to be adopted and foster is rewarding. You and your kids can get the satisfaction of helping homeless animals while gaining experience in training, helping match dogs to their forever homes, and meeting lots of great dogs and dog people, all with the support of  an experienced rescue organization.

What to Expect: 

Sochi Dogs are adorable and very loving but they also have needs just like any other dogs.

  • They need exercise
  • They may chew
  • They may need some training
  • And of course they need lots of  love and care

You will have the full support of the Sochi Dogs organization

  • Monetary (emergency veterinary care, Sochi Dogs have all other vaccinations)
  • Emotional
  • Logistical – we'll make sure dog meetings are vetted, and convenient
  • Marketing – our experienced Web team will make sure that your foster is promoted to interested adopters.

We will check in

  • Regular home visits
  • Regular email/phone calls

Hotline support

  • Sochi Dog board members available to fosters 24/7
  • Coordination for vacations
  • Encouragement and tons of gratitude!!

What We Expect:

Commitment to foster until adoption is achieved

Dedication to the Sochi dog 

  • Safe, caring environment (fenced yard or approved alternative)
  • Training (crate, potty, basics)
  • Reasonable availability to have dogs meet qualified prospective adopters
  • Emergency veterinary care, if needed

Communication and Contact

  • Regular home visits
  • Regular check-ins via email and phone
  • Feedback!
  • Videos and pictures are AWESOME


We have a very high placement rate, most foster dogs are adopted within 1-3 weeks!

Fill out our Foster Application and one of our team members will give you a call. We’ll match you to a healthy, neutered, puppy/dog that fits your lifestyle.

Still have questions? Concerns? Check out our FAQ or contact us.

What our fosters families are saying:

We loved having the opportunity to foster another Sochidog at our home. Buck got along great with our other dogs, Ginger, Djonik, and Lola. He was quite young when he joined us so we worked on house training and crate training. He had a nearly perfect record. We were ready to keep Buck if there wasn't any interest in him, but Sochidogs spread the word and he suddenly became a popular guy. So we made arrangements for one family to spend a few hours with him and, of course, they loved him. I had to fight back tears while handing over his leash. Sad to see him go, but so happy to have found him a loving home. We'd foster for Sochidogs again in a heartbeat. -The Goodno family

We fostered two great Sochi dogs, Matilda and Finn. Both of them were as friendly as can be and really benefitted from having some decompression and hanging-out time with our family. We were so sad, and yet so HAPPY, to see them go to their permanent homes, where we know they are totally loved. Anna and Tanya were always right there with support and advice when we needed it. As a fosterer, you know you’ll have a team behind you! We’ll be fostering more Sochi dogs soon. We just love em to bits. - Meredith Andrew