FAQs for Adopters

What is Sochi Dogs

It is an international movement to help stray dogs around the world by educating communities, promoting spay/neuter programs and the adoption of stray dogs.  We run the first ever all volunteer animal shelter in Sochi, Russia. We began shortly before the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, when Russian officials began poisoning stray dogs. Learn more about what we do here

How do I adopt a Sochi Dog?  

Adopting a Sochi Dog is easy! Read about our adoption process here and fill out an adoption application. Tell us which dog you are interested in adopting, and we’ll contact you in 48 hours. We figure out all of the logistics.

Can you connect me to families who have already adopted Sochi dogs?

Absolutely! Sochi Dog adopters have formed a community on Facebook ask us and we can connect you. Or let us know where you are from and we can find a Sochi Dog adopter in your area for you to speak with.

Is there any quarantine for dogs entering the US, Canada or the EU?

There is no quarantine for dogs entering the US, Canada, or the EU from Sochi. However at least 30 days must pass from the date of their last rabies vaccine.  

Where do the dogs at the shelter come from ? 

The dogs at our shelter were either abandoned by their owners or born as strays. Some Sochi residents have been bringing community dogs to our shelter when they learn that town officials will be poisoning dogs in their area. All the dogs available for adoption are vetted, 100% vaccinated and spayed/neutered. In addition they are administered a fecal exam, deworming medication, given a flea/tick preventative.

What kind of vaccinations do Sochi Dogs get?

All of our dogs get the same standard vaccinations that are administered in the US and Canada. This includes: distemper, parvovirus enteritis, leptospirosis and rabies.

I already have a dog, do you think my new Sochi dog will get along with him/her?

If your dog gets along well with other dogs then they will do just fine. Sochi Dogs are well socialized with other dogs. They live in enclosures with several other dogs and play with lots of other dogs at the shelter.

Do Sochi Dogs speak English?

Most Sochi dogs have never heard English spoken to them. There are a lot of similar sounding words in English and Russian and dogs primarily focus on the first one or two syllables of a word. They are also great at understanding gestures. So no need to pull out a dictionary, you’ll understand each other just fine.

What should I feed my Sochi dog?

At the shelter dogs are fed homemade soup with protein, grains, vegetables and vitamins and puppies are fed Royal Canin Puppy food. We recommend feeding dogs a combination of Wellness canned and Orijen dry food. When you are changing a dog’s diet they may have a slight case of diarrhea. Some canned pumpkin puree will clear it right up. If you are ordering food for your new pooch check Chewy for the best details and free delivery. Sign up here and Sochi Dogs will receive a donation.   

Will my Sochi dog be house-trained?

Most shelter dogs have never lived in a house before but they understand the concept of not soiling their space. Generally, adult dogs learn to go outside within the first week and puppies require house-breaking just like any other dogs. Some dogs have been trained in foster homes and they will be completely housebroken from the start. We'll always indicate if a dog is housebroken in its description. 

How will my new dog feel after the flight?

Just like anyone else! After a long trip dogs will generally be hungry, thirsty, and tired—just like anyone else flying a long distance. Their sleeping and eating schedule normalize within the first day or two.  

Does the dog have any favorite types or toys or treats?

At the shelter Sochi dogs have sticks, balls and each other to play with. They are not picky about toys and treats they are just grateful to be adopted!

Are Sochi dogs crated at the shelter? 

Other than on the flights, Sochi Dogs does not crate dogs. They live in small enclosures with a couple dogs to each on.  Visit our shelter here.

Should I use a harness or a collar?

Harness! We cannot recommend harnesses enough. Harnesses give you more control when walking your dog, put less strain on the dog’s neck, and prevent the dog from accidentally slipping out.  

How should  I introduce my new dog to my current dog?

Introduce your dogs on neutral territory on a leash. Walk them around and then allow them to interact in your yard. Only when they’ve had time to properly meet each other should you let them into the house together.  

Should I give my new dog a bath right after bringing it home?

Dogs are bathed at the shelter before they arrive but we always recommend bathing dogs when they get home. If your dog seems nervous or unsure then give it a couple of days.  

When I should bring a dog to the vet?

We ask adopters bring dogs to see their vet within 21 days of adoption.

What if I don't know what dog I want? 

No problem! Fill out the adoption form and in the comments just tell us about the kind of dog you are looking for. Do you want a big dog or a small dog? An energetic dog or someone who is a little more mellow? We’ll find your perfect match!

How can I help?

Sochi Dogs relies entirely on donations from individuals. If you can, please donate, even if its just a few dollars. Every little bit helps us save more stray dogs. Or better yet, adopt! Also, we are looking for donations of items and art pieces that we could sell in our store or services that we can raffle off. Have other ideas? We are always looking for people to join our team, just contact us - here.

Have questions we've missed -   contact us!



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