Phil needs your help!


Phil is a smart and loving boy who needs your help! Sochi Dogs found Phil on the side of a road after he was hit by a car. Phil can only walk short distances so if Sochi Dogs did not take him in it’s likely that Phil would have starved on the street.  

Please donate to help Sochi Dogs cover Phil’s vet expenses and get him walking into a forever loving home! 

Bitcoin: 1DBqZz7hmRMhLZJSwczh8MbtfnnB9e6jEZ


Litecoin: LPHqRNRjFpvrbFUBGJ1b4g8NpXntT1q8Ps

Ethereum: 0x46e0b98627894beacdc47d299784f71c7e06a2eb

About Sochi Dogs

Since our founding during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Sochi Dogs has been rescuing stray and abandoned dogs. With your help we:

Rescue stray and abandoned dogs in Sochi where there is an overpopulation of dogs on the street. 
Run a volunteer-based shelter with room for up to 60 dogs. We place formerly abandoned dogs in homes all around the world.
Offer low-cost spay-neuter procedures for dogs and cats. 

Updated April 2018