Age: 1 year old
Weight: 51 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, female

Look at that smile – this young lady loves everyone! She is super affectionate and would be thrilled to get belly rubs all day long, with breaks for snacks, walks and hikes!

Daisy has a lovely soft, brown-coat – just waiting for your pets! Always ready for a cuddle, and a joy around other dogs, Daisy has wonderful house manners and will make a fabulous companion for any family.

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Rescue story: Sochi Dogs found Daisy wandering the streets looking for her family. We thought she might be lost and started contacting families in the neighbourhood until we found the people who adopted her who told us they didn't want Daisy because she wasn't a puppy any more so they kicked her out.