Age: 3 years old
Weight: 60 lb.
Vet Record:  100% vaccinated and spayed. 
Breed: Marvelous  mutt

Cami just can't wait to find a forever family! At the shelter, she has been practicing taking selfies with our volunteers and walking on a leash. We are proud to report that Cami is a true expert at both and would fit in with any loving family. 

She craves attention and follows our volunteers with her eyes, as though she is silently begging for them to come over and spend time with her, 

While Cami loves to go on walks, she is also happy relaxing in the sun. She is a calm, quiet girl who just dreams of being a spoiled only child, though she wouldn't mind sharing the spotlight with some older kids. 

If you give Cami a little patience and love, you will be rewarded with a kind, affectionate, and loyal dog that anyone would be happy to have.