Age: ~ 2 years old     Located in a foster home in NJ
Weight: 53 lbs
Vet Record:  100% vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, male

Meet Buck, a beautiful German Shepherd mix! Sweet and full of personality, he LOVES people! At the shelter, he stands is on his hind paws looking out, just asking for someone to visit him.

Buck is very smart, he will enjoy training classes and we are positive Buck will be 5 stars student.

Buck is looking for a buddy to join him on fun adventures so if you are looking for a new best friend, Buck might be the perfect match for you! This clever boy is very affectionate and will be a very loyal companion.

Currently, in a foster home in NJ Buck is mastering his leash and house manners. He loves to play with tennis balls, go on car rides, and explore the neighborhood. He is very eager to please his foster family.

Buck is one lucky boy! He was found by a Sochi Dogs adopter who was visiting from Calgary and brought him to the shelter (read his rescue story here). 

Updated November 2018

When found