Age: ~10 years old
Weight: 35 lbs
Vet Record:  male

Kind and loving Ben was found at the Sochi Airport. He was just skin and bones and so weak that he could barely stand and walk. We weren't sure that he would ever recover. A vet visit showed that Ben has glaucoma, is nearly blind in both eyes and all sorts of parasites.


Now Ben is a permanent resident at the shelter. Medications, nutritious food and lot of loves have made all the difference. Ben gained some weight and he is much stronger. He is very comfortable at the shelter and follows his new best friend Platon where he goes. When Platon is busy, Ben loves hanging out on the grass with his furry shelter buddies.


Ben is a real gentlemen, he is smart, calm and friends with everyone! Ben has had a rough life and we do everything possible to make his golden years pleasant and worry free. Please join us in finally giving Ben the life that he deserves and consider sponsoring his stay at the shelter.

Thank you!