Age: 5 months old
Weight: 20 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and spayed. 
Breed: pointer/border collie  mix

Bella is one lucky puppy! She is sweet, calm, loving and very affectionate! She was found sleeping by a dumpster next to a a few bags of trash. She was very happy to have ended up at our shelter, Since she is so well behaved and our shelter is full, Bella has the special privilege of staying inside the cottage. Bella will make a fantastic pet and a very devoted family member. 

This puppy like so many in Sochi was most likely born in a home to a pet that has not been spayed. She was unwanted and thrown out on the street. That is why Sochi Dogs has started an education campaign in Sochi explaining importance of spaying/neutering. 

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