About Us


Our Mission

Sochi Dogs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to ending the suffering of stray dogs worldwide through education, adoption and low cost spay/neutering.

2014: Last year Sochi Dogs  established the first no kill all volunteer animal shelter in Sochi, Russia. Home to more than 50 dogs, the shelter is one of the few places to offer a safe haven for Sochi's large stray dog population. Additionally we coordinated nearly 30 adoptions worldwide. Our dogs serve as ambassadors for the many that are still suffering on the street.

2015: This year we will be launching an educational campaign with which we hope to jump start an adoption culture, stop people from abandoning their pets and promote spaying/neutering.

Additionally we are looking for funding to open up Sochi's first low cost vet clinic that will spay/neuter pets and stray dogs at a nominal fee.

We envision our work changing communities and ending the suffering of stray dogs not just in Sochi but around the globe.

Support Our Mission:

Sochi Dogs relies entirely on your donations. You can make a regular monthly or one time donation to help the dogs.