Candy and Sugar

Sugar, Candy, Anya and Georgia

These four little sisters we found very early on the morning of January 15th sitting outside of a store front. We found 2 first and then around the conner 2 more. Clearly discarded over night the four sister were hungry, lost and disoriented.  We took them from the street, cleaned them up and brought to the vet. They were in the foster home for 3 weeks and now they are at the shelter. They are very calm, a little shy and love people attention.

The little girls will be ready for adoption by the middle of March.  


03/27/2015 UPDATE:

On Sunday 02/29/2015 Sugar and Candy will be starting their new lives in NJ where they'll be training to be service dogs for veterans. 

02/09/2015 UPDATE: 

Anya, Sugar and Georgia have been adopted and will be going to their family at the end of March. Candy (dark brown) is available for adoption.  

Thank you so much to everyone who donated toward these little sisters! 

Candy and Sugar, photos taken 02/12/2015:

Candy and Sugar, photos taken 02/06/2015:

Photos taken 01/15/2015:

how we found them, Candy and Sugar

Candy after bath

Candy when found

Max took them home, Max with Candy