Age: 2 year old  Located in a foster home in NJ
Weight: 44 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, female

Veronika is a sweet and smart girl! Veronika is house trained and has excellent house manners.

She knows a few commands and she will give you a paw if you ask nicely! Veronika also knows how to open the door to the backyard to let herself out so she can sunbathe.  Veronika is very patient with children. She also doesn't mind sharing her home with other dogs but she would like nothing better than to spend time with her human companions. 

Veronica is located in a foster home in NJ. Her foster family says that Veronica is an exceptional dog. Housebroken, walks well on and off leash, knows basic commands, loves water and is calm and friendly.

Veronika will make a wonderful, loyal family dog!  If your family is looking for a smart, calm, moderately active and well-behaved buddy then Veronika is the dog for you! 

Read her rescue story here

Updated June 2018