June 30 Rescue — Linda and Puppies

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Many stray dogs take up residence at various construction sites through out Sochi. Workers feed them and the construction provides shelter but when the construction is finished landlords call exterminators to poison or shoot the dogs. On June 30 we were called to a construction site that is almost complete to rescue this mama and her three puppies... Scroll down to read Linda's rescue story.

August 2015

July 7 Update:  We received Linda’s x-rays and the veterinarians diagnosis.  In all likelihood the vet thinks that Linda has arthritis and she was hit by a car. His conclusion is that she needs knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately it is not possible to do this in Sochi. We are thrilled that a  Shar Pei rescue group from Poland has contacted us with an offer to help! They'll be able to do the surgery and give her a happy home. We need to give Linda a little time to recover, get her vaccinations, and treat her skin allergy. We predict this will take about a month of two. For the past few days she has been on a special diet and receiving pain medication. You can already tell she is feeling better. 

July 4 Update: Linda was taken to the vet today. She is about 7 years. She was diagnosed with a series of conditions including a skin allergy and bone disease. We'll have a complete report and her x-rays to post on Monday. To start her treatment we were given a special nutritional diet. Once the report comes in the vet will decide on the best treatment for her. 

Below are a few picture of her at the vet. Again, we are waiting to get the German Shepherd and her puppies. 

July 3 Update: Linda is safe in a foster home. Once she is cleaned up and a little more comfortable and settled we will take her to the vet for an assessment and start treatment. We'll have a better idea of her health needs after she gets x-rays so we'll be able to see what is wrong with her hips. This is the first time in Linda's life anyone has been kind to her. We are overjoyed that we can be there for her. Thank you so much to everyone who is contributing for her veterinary treatment.

The German Shepherd that we mentioned previously is still at the construction site. We saw her and her puppies. She was very protective of them. Right now we are waiting to free up space at the shelter to take the entire family. Please keep checking here for updates.  

On June 30 we were called to a construction site that is almost complete to rescue this mama and her three puppies.

The mom, Linda, looks like a Shar Pei/Lab mix. She has a broken pelvis. We think she may have been hit by a car. We will be treating her at  our vet with the hopes she can make a full recovery. Our shelter and foster facilities are full to capacity. We are working to free up a space for her at the shelter. 
Her puppies are safe in a foster home receiving puppy formula. We are monitoring them closely.

The workers also informed us that they've seen a German Shepherd with two puppies at the site. We were unable to locate them but we will be back to find. Keep checking back for updates. (Click on the photos to enlarge) 

Tug, adoption pending