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On the way Home

Sochi Dogs at Home

Molly, Gerda, Katya - Read their incredible story here


Molly has found a home with the great family in New Jersey. Only a year ago she and her sisters were living under a bush outside of a  hospital in Sochi where they threatened  to be killed by exterminators. Today her sisters Kat and Sochi live  in Scotland and the US, respectively. 

Thank you to everyone from our hardworking volunteers to our generous supports and her amazing new family!


Kat (Katya)

Katya is the first Sochi Dog to be rescued in Scotland! It took a lot of hard work and the dedication of her new owner but we managed to arrange flights, and clear UK customs with flying colors to get Katya to her new home. 

She was found with her sisters Molly and Gerda near a hospital. A few of the nurses had been feeding them until someone complained and called the exterminator. With just hours to spare the nurses called Sochi Dogs and the three ladies were taken in to our shelter.

"Kat here and she's beautiful. she was nervous about getting into the car but she's lying down next to me now and really likes being petted. can't wait to get her home ."

"She's such a sweet dog. Enjoys giving her paw for pets and exploring the house." - Claire 

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Sochi (Gerda)

"The Sochi Dog we just adopted is the best dog ever. She is so sweet and well behaved. Can't say enough!!!!!"

"She is a super smart dog - very affectionate. It was so cute to see her enter a house for the first time. My 3 other dogs accepted her, and even the kitty came out of hiding.

Great addition to the family. These dogs are truly amazing"- Romy W. 


We found Mavrik in a ditch when he was just a puppy protecting three younger puppies, Sara,Laura and Tara. Now he is in a great home in Washington DC.

"Mavrik is a dream and he and Oliver are inseparable. He is very very sweet and very well behaved. 
We love him so much, he is house trained, eating dog food and loves toys that squeak."  - Laura L

"Mavrik's DNA results: he is a Basenji, Dalmation, French Bulldog, GSD mix and 100% sweet heart." - Laura L



Stetson (Tony)

Tony was one of the first dogs to be rescued. On January 6, 2014 after a long day of work Vlada and a volunteer drove out to a train station in Sochi, which was to be “cleaned” in preparation for the Olympic Games. Tony had been sleeping under a palm tree and Vlada carried him and a few other dogs into the car. Sadly the other dogs at the station refused to go and met their fate the following day. On the drive back to the shelter Vlada’s car swerved and nearly hit a fence. The duo was forced to stop and carry the dogs the rest of the way. Soon after arriving at the shelter

Tony, now Stetson, caught Carol Davis’s eye.  Today, Stetson is a proud Texan, the newest resident of BlissWood Lodge. You can read more about his rescue and see pictures of his arrival on his Facebook Page.

Vishnya (Cherry)

When Cherry was  found she was trembling with fear trapped in a cage. As soon as she was brought to the shelter, she came into her own and we saw the kind older dog that she is.

 When Peace Of Mind Dog Rescue said they would like to help by bringing over a dog from Sochi we knew Cherry would be the perfect candidate.

After spending a couple months in foster care, Cherry is now living with her new family in Pacific Grove, California.

"She LOVES kids and loves chasing my 7 year old nephew around the house when he comes to visit.  She goes to the beach and on hikes with us and goes for 3 mile runs a few times a week.  She also has a cat sister to keep her company.  "- Tera F.


Mom and Four Puppies

This Mom, now named Anna was found pregnant on the side of the road. Vlada took her to a nearby barn to stay for the night, hoping to check back on her in the morning and take her to the shelter. When she returned the next morning the dog had ran off. She didn't see her for a couple of days until she heard that a dog had puppies under a nearby house. The owner of the house was trying to get the dog out and couldn't. He was going to poison them but Vlada and a volunteer arrived and coaxed the family out.

Susan Dunn heard this story in North Bay, Ontario and she was determined to find homes for the dogs. Less than one month later she was able to fundraise enough money to bring over the entire family. It wasn't hard to find families to adopt these lovely puppies.

Today all of the dogs live in home around Ontario.  

Sasha (Masha)

Sasha was scavenging near a dumpster as soon as she saw one of our volunteers her tail started wagging. Today she resides with her new family just North of Ontario.

Her family writes, "Sasha is the light of my life, she brings me joy every time I look at her, she is the sweetest girl."  


Lisa was one of the first dogs we rescued along with Stetson. With her beautiful golden coat and incredibly expression it was love at first site.

We were all sad to see her go but we are thrilled that she has found a loving home in Ontario, Canada, where she loves to watch boats on the lake and play with her toy monkey. 

"We have officially adopted Lisa and are extremely happy to have her join our family. Thank you for all you have done to bring her to us. "- Laura P.


Dina is one of the original Sochi Dogs brought to the shelter during the Olympic Games.

As soon as Donna Andres in Michigan saw her photo she knew Dina would be a great companion to her dog, Snoopy. A month later Dina flew to New York City and then on to her new home.

She has learned to be a great swimmer, loves her new family and doggy day care!  "Dina is a sweetheart, lover & lap dog and is doing well.  She went for her 2nd swim today and got much braver then yesterday." -Donna A.

Sashi and Lucky

These two sisters both quiet and shy have found amazing homes in Ontario and Maine.

Sashi lives in a home with 14 cats!

"Sashi is great!   She is loving life! She loves to playfully chase the cats. She is a good eater and sleeper and very loving.  She is a bit timid with new people, but I guess that's to be expected.  Sashi doesn't like hot, humid weather but she sleeps in my bedroom which has a/c. " - Jane H.

They have one more sister at the shelter, Kelly,  who is looking for a family to love. 

Zahar, Taras (Miles), Boris and Lena

These tree brothers along with their sister Lena  were dropped off at the shelter while no one was there.  All of them have now found fantastic homes in Southern Ontario. 

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have adopted little Taras (now called Miles) into our lives and he is loving his new home and we are loving him. He has a big sister at home named Betty (she's a newfoundlander/border collie cross) and things are going so well! I just wanted to send you a personal note to thank you! " - Amy H.

"Boris is an amazing boy! With strangers he stays back for a while and we just let him come to us when he's ready" - Amanda.  "Lena doing great, fitting right in. " - Sandie S.

Leo, Max, Magda, Peter and Taff

This litter of puppies now spoiled by their incredible families in the Greater Toronto Area, was once living on the street. 

"Max is growing up fast and looking gorgeous at home." - Hallie C.

"Max is home with us! He is more than happy to be with our new family and his curiosity around our place. Thank you so much for let him into Canada home safe and sound!!! Thank You!" - Hallie C.

"Aww only here 4 days and Leo grew out of his chair already. Leo chilling in our room watching a movie with us getting some love" - Amanda B.


Lola is one smart and very lucky gal, she rescued herself! One day she showed up at the shelter and took up residence. Her luck continues, because today she is living the dream with her new family in Seattle. 

"Introduction couldn't have gone better. Ginger's tail was wagging the whole time,  they sniffed each other,  and went on to explore the yard.

We just love Lola. She's so loving and graceful. She has already gotten attached to my youngest daughter. She follows her around and sleeps on her bed. So cute." - Keith K.

"She is such a sweet dog, we love her to pieces." -  Katie K.

Tasha (Tara)

When we found Tara she was living in a ditch with her sisters Laura and Sara, and was taken care of by Mavrik. Tara's luck continues, she is now spoiled by the Scott family in Ontario, Canada.

"Tasha is doing so well..she fits right in and seems to love everybody. She keeps us busy as she has very active periods and loves to dig holes in the yard (oh oh) and chase Bentley around.

She goes on lots of walks to burn the energy off! You were right about how quickly the dogs adapt to a new life and new experience- Melanie S.


"Mary is doing great!! Everyone loves her!!" Carla B.





Stevie (Tata)

Two weeks after the adoption:

"Tata, now Stevie, is doing great. She gets more confident with everyday. She is an absolute sweetheart. She gets a bit anxious out in the world but is more confident everyday with strangers and other dogs. She likes the car, was house trained in a day and started to wag a couple days ago. I tell everyone who will listen about Sochi dogs. I love her to bits." 

"Tata is all settled in and doing great! She is a real sweetie, very mellow and gentle. Thanks to you and the team for all your hard work."
Lisa H.  , Toronto, Canada


Milli (Mila)

"It’s incredible to know that a dog can offer so much love and joy into your life." - Mila's new owner Stephanie T.

Check Mila's story on Redemption Dogs! Thanks so much to Stephanie for taking such amazing care of this little lady. Her siblings Masha and Mica are still looking for homes.