Eight  Reasons to Adopt a Sochi Dog:

1. Street dogs are very loyal.
2. You don't agree that dogs are "targets" which should be  subjected to cruelty and abuse.
3. We live in a global community - and love has no borders.
4. For every dog adopted, two lives are saved - the life of the dog you are adopting - and the life of the dog pulled off the streets into our shelter.
5. There are no animal abuse laws in many countries.
6. It is a wonderful way to make a difference in the life of a dog.
7. Your Sochi Dog can serve as an ambassador for street dogs worldwide!
8. Adopting from Sochi Dogs is a rewarding experience. Check our rescue stories and meet our dogs

Sochi Dogs and PepperTree Rescue:

Sage was found living near one of the hotels in Sochi and scavenging of  tourists’ scarps.

Sage was a stray in a country where there is no adoption culture and animal cruelty laws are not enforced.  Thanks to PepperTree Rescue and YOU Sage will be  placed in a foster home in Albany New York. 

Please donate to bring Sage to her foster home where she will spread the story of stray dogs in Russia and serve as an ambassador to the many dogs are still on the street. 

January, 15, 2015

In the early hours of the morning we were called into the town center to pick up four puppies that were sitting outside a store front. Clearly discarded over night the four sister were hungry, lost and disoriented. Two had remained huddled by a door while the other pair wandered off around the corner. They are not more then two months of age. It clear all four of them have worms and need to be taken to the veterinarian immediately to get treated and placed on puppy formula. Join us in helping save these adorable sisters.

Do you know about Vizslas? They are loyal, sensitive, intelligent, affectionate, eager, and enthusiastic.  Vizslas can be protectors, guide dogs, best friends, and the ultimate couch potatoes.

Meet our wonderful Kasey. She was found skinny and neglected roaming the streets of Sochi. Now she is healthy, strong, full of energy and very affectionate. Kasey would be an amazing companion for an active family!

From the streets of Sochi to a loving family in Scotland!

We sent our very first dog to Scotland. The UK is one of the hardest countries to brings dogs into but Kat flew in without any problems. "When they opened the carrier she pranced straight out to the front door then turned and came over to say hello me," her new owner tells us, "She is really really sweet!" 

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And check our rescue stories here.

Sochi Dogs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to ending the suffering of stray dogs worldwide through education,adoption and low cost spay/neutering. Read more...

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Home for the Holidays:

For the first time this year nearly 30 Extraordinary strays from Sochi are home for the holidays! See photos of them in their homes and read what their owners have to say. Check out the book here.

We couldn't have gotten here without you!

Thank you to the generosity of a local construction company and the support of our donors. This December we moved into a brand new space! Check out our new shelter here.

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