Age: 2 years old       Emma is in a foster home in NJ.
Weight: 55 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated,  spayed and microchipped

If you are looking for a nana for your kids or just a buddy for yourself, consider Emma.  She is the sweetest dog ever, loves people and adores kids.  Emma is not food aggressive and she is not protective of her toys/bones. 

Emma is super smart, she will do very well in training and she will love it! Emma loves attention and she would really love a home where someone is around during the day to keep her company. 

Emma is 100% house-trained and can walk on a leash.  Emma is moderately active, she loves to be outside and ideally, she needs a daily walks and weekend hikes.  

Emma is looking for a family that will appreciate all the love she has to offer!

*House trained     *Very intelligent      *Great with kids      *Loving and gentle       

Updated December 2017

In a foster home


At the shelter