Daisy, Zoey and Inga

Meet the newest residents at Sochi Dogs! Daisy, Zoey and Inga were found sitting by a dumpster on the side of the road. They are only 1.5 months old so we can only image how scared they were being out there by themselves. Thankfully they are safe and sound with us now and they'll be ready to meet their new families in the beginning of August.   

These puppies like so many in Sochi were most likely born in a home to a pet that has not been spayed. They were unwanted and thrown out on the street. That is why Sochi Dogs has started an education campaign in Sochi. Learn more here.

Learn more about our  adoption process.

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Gina loves to play with the puppies


Daisy and Zoey


Inga, adoption pending


Daisy, adoption pending

Zoey, available for adoption. Check more photos here.