When You Think Someone Is Coming Back  - And then they don't.

Can you imagine this munchkin sitting outside of a store waiting for her owner all night? Sadly her owner never came back... 
Late that night after the store had closed and it was clear no-one was coming for Josie, Vlada took her back to her apartment, where Josie spent the night. Josie is now the newest resident at the Sochi Dogs shelter. She is house-trained, likes cats and other dogs. Josie will ready to go home to her true forever family soon! 


From Scared Street Dog to Loving Pet 

Enky (short for "енот" or Enot, meaning raccoon in Russian) was found scared and lost sitting on a stoop by an apartment building. Within hours of being at the shelter we saw Enky's true personality come out! He is a fun and feisty little guy with a winning personality. He loved everyone he met and soon he was adopted to a loving home in New Jersey. Enky is all smiles and kisses now.
Scroll through the photos to see Enky's transformation from scared street dog to loving pet! 


Saving Yoko

We're here because puppies like Yoko need us. Yoko and her Mom we're found on the sidewalk by one of Sochi's municipal parks. While Yoko was exploring, her mom was oddly lying down, just watching her puppy without even picking up her head. Masha immediately knew that something was the matter and rushed mom and daughter to our vet. Yoko's mom was put on fluids but we were too late after 24 hours later she passed away in the care of our vet Olesya. Yoko's mom had been poisoned by contractors hired by the city. Fluffy Yoko was spared and she is doing very well. She is now safe in a foster home. Yoko will be ready for adoption in a few months. 
We are working hard to promote responsible pet ownership and educating people about the importance of spaying their animals. There is little that can be done about the poisonings so out efforts are geared to preventing dogs like Yoko and her mom from being pushed out on to the street. 


Donate in memory of Yoko's mom to help us cover her hospital stay.

Crates, leashes, harnesses, collars! 

How do you get 52 crates, and more than a hundred leashes, collars, harnesses together on one driveway in New Jersey?  Easy, just ask our amazing community of supports! They dedicated crates to their favorite k-9s, and collected items all to use at the Sochi Dogs shelter. 

The hard part was packaging it all up to send back to the shelter in Sochi so that more formerly homeless dogs can travel to their forever families!  Watch the video to see just how we did it...