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My name is Phil. I'm one of the lucky dogs to be rescued by Sochi Dogs!  I don't remember much, I just remember that something happened to me when I was walking on the street one day and then I got to the vet clinic.  I did not feel well at the time and one wonderful doctor and several other people who work there helped me. When I was better I heard someone say, "We cannot put him down, he fought so hard".  So they called Sochi Dogs asking to take me to the shelter, and when they heard my story they rushed out to help me. 

I  went to live at the shelter, which was great. Masha took care of me, I loved to play with the other dogs, and hang out with a little boy, Platon who would show me his toys.

Masha gives me a hug good-bye. 

One day Masha said it was time that I find a forever family and get a wheelchair so that I could walk long distances and run just like everyone else. 

I was a little scared because it's tough to find a family. I'm a smart and loving boy and I know I'll be wonderful companion but I don't know how to find them. The folks at Sochi Dogs said they'd help!  I got all cleaned up, put on my best collar, and Masha took me to the airport.

It's a long trip and I won't bore you with the details but on Saturday, May 26 I landed in the Big Apple! 

I got a very special welcome at the airport, and a gift—my own wheel-chair! Wow, I still can't believe I'm here and just how lucky I am. Thank you for everything Masha, Vlada, my vet Olesya, my friend Platon and all my furry friends at the shelter!  I love you all! 

Now that I am state-side I am looking for a foster/forever family! Can you help? Please share my story so I can have the family I've always dreamed of! 

Who could it imagine, I am in the US!

Just landed

With Evelyn in JFK


Four months later - we have names!

It takes a village to rescue a dog and today we are immensely grateful to Jennie Rubin, Wendy Gottsegen, and the fabulous pre-schoolers at Temple B'nai Or in Morristown, NJ! All spring the pre-schoolers have been collecting tzadeka money to help Sochi Dogs care for the nine pooches below. Not only that, but they've also come up with some very creative names that will help these k-9s find forever homes.  

Find Gummy Bear, Pop,  Snoodles,  Donut, Sparkle, and Smoky on the adoptable dogs page soon!

Gummy Bear






Sochi Dogs Community Spay/Neuter Day

In preparation for the 2018 World Cup Sochi Dogs has launched a low-cost spay/neuter program to prevent dogs from ending up on the street. Last weekend was the first time Sochi Dog offered the program. 8 dogs and 9 cats were signed up. If all of these dogs had puppies and ended up on the street it would equal the population of the entire shelter!

One woman who brought in her lab-mix to be spayed said, "I knew this was something I had to do but I just didn't have the means to do it.  Thank you so much for the opportunity."

This flyer was distributed in Sochi and Adler urging people to spay their pets and offering 50% off the procedure for anyone who signs up at our designated vet. 

This is the first time low-cost spay/neuter has been offered in Sochi and there is clearly a need for it as much of the stray dog population stems from pets who have not been spayed. Many pet owners understand the importance of the procedure but lack the finance to get it done. Our low-cost option allows them to invest in their pets and make sure they do not contribute to the stray dog crisis. Pets that are spayed/neutered by their owners are much more likely to stay with their families. 

We will be conducting these spay/neuter days twice a month. This program is run 100% on donations. Please contribute so that no dogs end up on the street. Every dollar counts. Any contribution, small or large, is greatly appreciated!


We found Hattie after she had given birth to nine puppies in an abandoned building. With nowhere to go Hattie and her puppies were trying to survive, while squatters wanted to kick them out of the building and drown the puppies. 
Masha, our shelter caretaker came across the building by accident and when she heard the story and what might happen to the family, she gathered up the puppies and Hattie and drove them to the shelter.


The entire family is safe now! Hattie is spending time getting to know the older shelter residents while her puppies are growing and playing in the puppy playpen. 

Thanks to you and our amazing community we are able to provide Hattie and here puppies with the care they need until they are ready to find the forever families.