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What would Betty do without Sochi Dogs?  

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March 10, 2015:

February 16, 2015:

They were dropped off outside our shelter in the middle of the night. Neglected and abused they have worms,
mites and one of the little girls, we named her Betty has two broken paws and can't stand up and will need surgery. We've been working around the clock to take care of them.

We cleaned them up, fed them a big meal and next day took them to the vet:

February 18, 2015:

Little "B" had surgery. She now has two casts to help her heal:

Here she is at her first check-up:

February 25, 2015::

Little "B" is  getting stronger by the day. She is brave and very patient. It has been less than a week since Betty has had her casts and she is already trying to stand up and even walk:

No one believed that Betty would survive, but Vlada insisted we give Betty a chance and she proved her right! 

Betty is in the foster home with our superstar volunteer Max. He is taking amazing care of her. 

We expect little "B" has been adopted. Once she has healed she will be traveling to meet her new family in Toronto.